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1. Chemical & Environmental


Water and Wastewaer


pH, TS, TSS, TDS, Settleable Solids, Total Volatile Solids (TVS), Sludge Volume Index (SVI), Tempreture, Velocity and Flow in Open and Closed Channel, Acidity, Alkalinity, DO, COD, BOD, Salinity, Conductivity, Color, Turbidity, Hardness, Chloride, Fluoride, Sulphide, Sulphate, Phosphate, Silica, Phenols, Bromide, AOX, TOC, Residual Chlorine, Chlorine Demand, Tannin and Lignin, Nitrate and Nitrite Nitrogen, Kjeldahl Nitrogen (ammonical and organic), Oil and Grease, Metals (Al, B, Ba, Cd, Ca, Total and Hexavalent Cr, Cu, Fe, Pb, Li, Mg, Mn, Ni, K, Na, Sr, Sn, V, Zn, Co, Mo, Si, Hg, Se and As), Sodium Absorption Ratio (SAR), Organo Chlorine and Organo Phosphorus


Microbiological/ Biological Test: Total Coliform, Fecal Streptococci, Fecal Coliform, E. coli, Total Bacterial Count and Toxicity (fish)




Ambient & Work Zone: PM10, PM2.5, NRPM, TSPM, SO2, NOx, CO, NH3, Ozone, BTX, PAHs, Metals (Ni, Pb, and As)


Stationary Source: SPM, O2, CO, CO2, SO2, NO/NOx, NH3, Acid Mist, Fluoride (Particulate and Total), Metals



Noise in work zone & surrounding atmosphere

Solid waste (Industrial & Municipal)

pH, volatile/ non volatile matter, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Sulphate, Chloride, Fluoride, Metals, AOX, Calorific Value, Moisture, Loss on Ignition, CaO, (free and available), Degree of Substitution, Oil Content, Total Titratable Alkali ( TTA) and Ash


2. Pulp and Paper

Mosture, Grammage, Thickness, Bulk, Ash, Brightness, Opacity, Tensile Index, Bursting Strength, Tearing Strength, Porosity/ Air Permeance, formation Index, Dirt Count/ EBA, Cobb60, Double Fold, Wax Pick Number, Contract Agnle, Bendtsen Roughness, Surface and Hot Water pH of Paper, Gloss, PPS, PFI Revolutions, oSR, CSF, Optical Properties of Powder Sample, Gel Tempreture of Starch, Brookfield Viscosity, Residue in Cooked Starch, Sieve Retention of Starch, Nitrogen Content and Degree of Substitution of Starch, Particle Size Distribution Analysis, Total Solids in Liquid Sample, Pulp Viscosity, Charge Demand, ERIC Value, E Value of OBA, Retention of Meterial on Mesh, Stiffness, Zeta Potentioal, Drainage of Pulp, Scattering Coefficient, Starch Pickup,Specific Gravity


3. Black Liquor


Total solids, organic & inorganic, TTA, Sulphate, Silica, R2O3, Viscosity, Metals, SVI, and GCV, Chloride, Carbonate, Fiber Content and Residual Alkali


4. Soil & Fly Ash


Total Available Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Potassium, Sodium and Other Metals including Heavy Metals


5. Coal, Coke & Solid Fuel


Proximate analysis (Moisture, Ash, Volatile Matter, Fixed Carbon), Sulphur, GCV